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tyrannical extremely help but have some

Temple before already cleared an empty field, covered with red carpet, placed row of more than 100 chairs. Empty field station at the moment full of people, the most conspicuous place stood two the wearing Gongzhuang girls, both are beautiful, handsome and white lovely field. The two side around a dozen maidservants maidservants outside the station some officials, and then the peripheral layers of armored guard. Two girls eyes are big, bright and gratifying to see the team, whispered: : Zhang Yi smiled: Chariot driving the Kam curtain opened, out of the two ladies, then OK out of a frail woman, and gestures are all great charm, leading scorer out of the phoenix chariot, micro lift head, emerged jade face stunning Yan Zi, is the State of Song The first beautiful, large Song Dynasty emperor Song's daughter the Anping Princess Yun Song shade. Yun Song shade before an appearance, the Temple ago Baiguan knelt Jiejia, followed by the people knelt down, remove the guard soldiers, the disciple of the National Division and Zhang afraid, Wu pressure pressure a full head. Zhang afraid to know that do not open to worry about, simply with the team behind with the former line, to see people kneeling, Hsin Tao show and really big. Car Li Yun shade waved, Kai Hau Road: The trio not to speak,Air Max Griffey Fury, suddenly the wind comes up, a figure appeared out of thin air, electric fired three Shu. This a long time, afraid of has been preoccupied with careful vigilance, with the wind, immediately does not feel right, behind the air wing to start flying phoenix chariot. He flew, that figure has captured Zhang Yi, such as Song Yunzhi is necessary to grasp Yun Song shade. Zhang afraid to walk away, and left Snake whip flying out of the shooting at shadows, right hand the shadowless knife at the same time to break out. A folder under the messenger left rib cage, left hand grasping a man, right hand grasping the sudden appearance of a Snake whip to the front of Yun Song nebula, thought, such as the Feijian like piercing the over, know that just did not kill the end of Dan Elementary monks attack their own. did not take too much notice, the right hand flexor bombs, engaged the Snake whip, the body potential is still toward the princess. Come to a bomb, finger Snake whip to crack open, right hand grasping to the SONG Yun nebula re-grip to the arm, looking slips changes, let go quickly back, backhand grab to the chest, a two-edged milky knife is inserted in the above shaking slightly. Zhang afraid not to give his reaction time, the shadowless knife one touch then back, while release of the five-sided fly bowl and hit the opponent on the Xia Sanlu, another volley manipulation Snake whip re-attack. And take advantage of the opponents back, step forward the princess behind him, close cover your. Cover your princess, consider how should the enemy side, side shock exception: The boy even more shocking, back Shiyu Zhang stood still, looking down at his chest, and there is close to wearing a gold armor, into Millennium Tiancan Si plus gold refining, hit opponents knife pierced Xinxia Da Hai. See the wound at the outflow of blood, could not help but wroth sky, cold glance, the handsome face became some ferocious, leaving the hands of two women, pop-edged silver sword, after the hair and rock, the five round face cymbals such as the string of candied fruit are generally strings together, and then stabbing Snake whip. Two World War I, points, all the nations division disciples found the situation, rushing to take the instruments used. Her Royal Highness Princess frightened, looking pale, panic Dai Li on the spot. Zhang afraid to look back a glance, the thought of his past, and washed her gentle smile, whispered: Snake whip, but as the real snakes in general, the Sou Fu Xiashen son continued to bite the opponent. Can the other man sword faster, point shocked, just point in the Snake whip whipping at. Snake whip hammer blows, as though from black magic totally disappeared, fall to the ground. Mei Feng, handsome teenager, Yizhou, today, hell, the first sword kill knot Dan Elementary monks; then a small knife to pierce the gold armor of body care, his injury; immediate sword out to attack, he could destroy the right method of control? The left-hand virtual grasping Snake whip, to see what happens. National Division disciples finally surrounded the boy, not open command Exhibition of instruments used in attacks of the crowd, standing in the way juvenile action, more angry teenager, Lengheng soon, and throws the hands of the sword, like Yin Jian swimming dragon flying in the body weeks, a few times over the dance is breaking on the method of control, was going for the kill on the occasion, suddenly felt a silent danger of fast approaching, and had received stature back again, then move to the Silver Sword to start somewhere before the hit to the body , just listen to the rip of a sound, Yin Jian was cut off a section of the blade, a vague shadow in front of him, fleeting, fly back to Zhang afraid of the right hand. Zhang afraid rapidly sideways, explore the left hand Lanzhu princess waist, with her forward, fell on the ground and two women together behind him, only to release the princess move back to the Snake whip, in the face of the boy, proudly standing. Wind information at this time to stop, officials maidservants soldiers have to react, shouting escorting escorting the princess surrounded. SONG Yun Princess shade sudden every upheaval, some confusion for a moment to reflect over the open beautiful eyes around to see the sisters see girl fell to the ground, and hurried to the arm. The soldiers who continue to Chung, and finally surrounded by three girls. Zhang afraid to keep an eye on the handsome teenager, the mind kept pondering how to do next: The handsome teenager watching Zhang afraid, despite the chest blood trickle, do not deal with just whispered: Zhang afraid that is not connected,Womens Puma Pace Cat II shoes, then the right hand holds all the groups of knife,puma shoes, mind various thoughts flashed eleven. Yun Song shade finally come to understand, Chong Zhang afraid of the back shouted: . Not open a dozen people, Yudi is a face to face instruments used was completely destroyed,Puma Tour Cat Lo L Shoes, knowing that the repair is sent too far, automatic Shoulong around the side of the Princess,pandora jewelry, Zhang afraid to repel enemy. Handsome juvenile will be placed in the Silver Sword Duanren Department front of a closer look, suddenly asked: Or run? Thoughts back wings free to read again to start a little swing, the body off the ground three inches into the sky. Expand the wing shield only think of Body exercises, ideas, colored light shine successive five five elements retaining body exercises-plus body, left hand, Yi Chan, the wrist in the other groups of slip palm, right hand twist the first groups of knives, desperately staring at the handsome teenager. In spite of these high-profile struggles, caused by the surrounding people and the officers and soldiers repeatedly exclaimed, port call gods, knelt down and kowtow. Not open naturally do not like ordinary people did not experience, but they know the air, flying Cultivation is definitely worse than their total moment in the heart a good audience. Junior see Zhang afraid of did not answer, then asked: Junior angry more Sheng, the figure slips out of thin air disappear, then Zhang's afraid of raising his hand grasping his throat in front. Zhang afraid shocked, less strain, instinctively waved his hands, injection of two Flying, followed by a cry in front of the anger of the wall body care instantaneous burst, burst the great heat to burn to a juvenile, the juvenile the right hand only touched a fear of skin feeling of general discomfort like the purgatory of fiery burning, shouting to go back to, but Liangbing shadowless knife silent opt ‚Äč‚Äčinserted on both sides of ribs, followed by the two blood lines injection, groups of knife actually through the body out, draw two very beautiful arc to fly back to the fear of the hands of Zhang. Busy handsome teenager pulled out an alabaster jar, pour an immortality into her mouth, fingers even point in the wound, and then look ferocious to Zhang afraid to bite asked: other injuries, said the shadowless knife sharp; five spiritual essence within Shenlei strong support even the five elements of body care, there was also tyrannical extremely help but have some fun, then again forget to answer the juvenile questioning. He will not speak, giving the impression that mysterious people, it seems, it is cool to be added; but to the feeling of the handsome young arrogance and disdain. Junior to kill anew, and put away the Silver Sword, brings up a silver bell. Zhang afraid guess is the the Imperius bell of a class of magic weapon, meditation, meditation tactic to prepare to resist the juvenile but put away the bell, ferocious stare Zhang afraid of a, then volley flew away. Zhang afraid of a little perplexed how to go? Soul immediately answer afar, five to the end of Dan Elementary monks Xinxia Da Rin:

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injuries after fighting half-day finally burst saver

Listen to the Tigers finished, Zhang afraid of these fluttering thoughts, repair to become immortal to the moon to see? Legend? Where's the legend? If previous practice is to save your life and fear in order to avoid that this moment of spiritual curiosity's sake, Zhang afraid nod: leave, and before leaving out a low-level Advanced Dan built the advanced steps of the base of elementary l Dan, on the table, said: not believe the general quaver said: Zhang afraid chuckled softly: Results Dan, Zhang Yu-Jane attack spell afraid to refresh learning, refining a number of new spells, a six-star best spell. Spell more than five product series has been quite rare, are rare and legendary items prodigal Zhang afraid because of fear, with plenty of the best jade with strong ** technique, refining a lot of six stars spell, although it is not black , but its power is unthinkable. The world in addition to him, and who are willing to waste so much the best jade? Zhang afraid whether they, in addition to refining the character is the practice refining the Divine Comedy, so in the past more than a month, one day suddenly felt bored, bored to a very boring, Does life have to be spent this way? Sorrows, every day, like to spend, that is, how to live forever? Simple clean up, negative hand discharge door. Station door around, and big a forest in front, which also lived for a year, this forest just cut wood to build the house into a lush lush foliage, do not go around it touches wasted beauty scene, then yo Dada go into the woods. Forest trees and grass, birds fly and there are insects, and occasionally there are wild animals run, clutter,cheap air max, confusion, fuss,Puma Speed Cat Big, but is full of vitality. Let God know, listening to the voices of flowers, watching the grass dance posture, as well as the direction of flight of birds. Strange, why've never felt this all America? Occasionally ran out of the first wolf, red afraid of claws, Zhang afraid just smiled and looked at, it does not hurt it. Day a flash that is too dark, Zhang afraid of before you went to the brook, stream chilly, about forearm so wide, in the darkness Bay flow inside fry swim, a little three 2, the down turn . Do not know how, Zhang afraid to think of the old Lee Li Zhuang family, the beauty of the forest and the human is not the same, he wanted to accession to the WTO life. Bow and rivers to the Dai Li for a long time, vaguely aware of like someone to come this way. Payable to look back, some curious and some vigilance, who most of the night wandering near the mountain in the Trick? Little moment, a tall figure appeared in the distance. Zhang afraid transported secretly interest alert, to be the man approached, and see how wearing the robes of the head and pull the hair, a few more steps you can clearly see the messenger looks,Nike Air Max 2011 Women, face, such as Guan Yu, eyes like Long star with a faint expression strong self-confidence, fear of The Overturn Pianbai: we are the same generation disciple. Really look at the foot of the creek, whispered questioning: fish, very magical side of this world. Zhang respectful still afraid: is. couple with a two-year-old children to the mountains Sunday, with great difficulty to come halfway up the mountain, encountered in the air to two high-end brother of the end of Dan fighting, it was life and death struggle, both to develop their life trick, a life-saving magic weapon Qi, a full fight two days and nights. Separated for a moment and continue to preach: : that couples the laity, afraid incomparable to see more than a bucket of thunder and lightning, Huangbuzelu ran into the jungle, and wanted to hide a hide. did not expect to run farther, met Langhu man to save his wife and children, rushed tear Langhu kill, but how he played Tiger appeared to be tiger killed, more than one person in the bucket can not bear to see him innocent in his death, Shi magic weapon to kill the tiger to save people that they have what repair hundred miles no do not know, ten miles within the twinkling of an eye to the man to save a couple, but another person did not expect the vicious killing sword as usual hit; the man to save his wife, too late Bianzhao hurriedly sword through the body, causing the man did not able to save as a couple, so her husband be killed by the tiger,MBT Sawa Shoes, his wife holding his son ran to cry. He continued: woman who has climbed the mountain peaks, sat crying in a rocks abrupt. I let God know, and know the woman temporarily lives comfortably, turn around and persuade Yuying stop fighting, but the the Yuying mind is anger, do not listen to me, blindly kill me, I think, nothing more you kill, will no longer fight back biased when God called Ray, the lower partial Then God called Ray ... really more sound, full bubbling a touch of sadness. Trick Mountain Thunder Trick Mountain Guards formed, the moment of mine just playing to the crying woman, the Yuying looking at once changed the pale, vapid burst saver self-damage repair but also to save result She saved the child, the woman was killed by mine, and I was so foolish as standing in the air to die that moment, I did not do anything, just standing waiting to die. died,Pandora Earrings, she had serious injuries, serious injuries after fighting half-day finally burst saver, gods can not be saved her, but she has saved you. look afraid to Zhang. Zhang afraid my mind a mess, and finally know that their own life experience to know is really the head of the fighting caused his parents died, and was alone survive in the world. But the head did not kill the heart, is unintentional. He wanted to blame, blame the head? Strange beast? Blame God? In the end be able to blame? Really the head of the voice again sounded faint: Why do not you hate me? Hello, You are my karma. Hello?

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And then continue to manipulate Go

Zhang had just afraid of fear of being the Shishu asked five spiritual paradise, no thoughts to other, at the moment Huanguo Lai, I heard Maki said the murder, was pale white, quaver said: I kill, and how this can be done? how this can be done? Shouted: Maki, whether those with Zhang afraid, said: with Shishu they said: Zhang afraid slowly changed. Whenever the comprehension of the people, who do not need herbal medicine? He can easily give up, it is different and other Cultivation of Mind large. Also blunt the moment, three election a true day and more kindred it up in the future to bring true. Yu-Jane, of course, practice exercises. Seen one by one, and found mixed content, the ghosts were practicing magic, there are many other sects of exercises, including the unparalleled door. Magic two are at war for many years, between spells much about these jade degenerate now what peculiar spell, easily thrown began with a bunch of. Only a pile of materials really is remarkable solemn mention the most expensive herbs have been embarrassed to grab something and the disciples, and whispered: vacuum Maki of course did not, Zhang afraid of a little bit surprised: selfishness, murder at every turn; I only kill a person, so a lot of things, for whom,Adidas Soccer Shoes Cheap, who is not tempted? Strictly speaking, in fact, a lot of money taboo, at most, be regarded as an unwritten agreement, because Buddhism have never acknowledged. Buddha repair very sensitive to the killing, can not see the killing of others, their monasteries were built in the deep forests, rare signs of human habitation at. Slowly spread to evolve, into a temple within a radius of five miles prohibits killing. After this ban spread to the Buddha repair neither admitted nor denied, after all, they really do not like killing. Buddhism supernatural, magic is two have seen the horror. Coupled by the Buddha repair is not much, not many monasteries, and the madding crowd, the monks in the way this is not the ban strictly abide by the ban. So unparalleled door all the way Magic to kill, extremely embarrassed, but when they arrive within a radius of five miles of Ganliang Temple, anti did not see Momen human can safely save your life. Unparalleled door to find a umbrella acacia door Ou Yang Dingtian hate root straight itch, he did not expect unparalleled door and Fo Shila on. At this point,Air Max 87 Women, Gan Liang Temple Buddha Statue disabilities empty broken master helpless, regardless of their own Buddha repair tall write can not afford to and unparalleled doors the main door is brother of the fact that, mention Buddhism wide open, can not help any entry, not to mention unparalleled Disciples is to kill the devil came in the monasteries, and shelter is not lazy. Zhang fear of attack, is living in a monastery outside a radius of five miles, Momen monks Buddhism taboo constraints scruples. Knowing this, Zhang afraid to remember things, asked: vacuum explains: , if you really thought they were just ordinary people wrong. of Brother Dan kill knot too much difference between the two,puma canada shoes, the appearance can not see the same shaved head, wearing cloth robes, can you tell which is extremely expert which has supernatural powers? like gambling, betting, want not lose, do not gamble. Deportation order under vacuum, and smiles: to find an open space on the outside to come up with storage bags,Mizuno Soccer Cheap, and explore the ecstatic knowledge of micro one looking for and found two tent-like thing, check one out, tents and leave the storage bags quickly become larger, before landing into a normal size. Zhang afraid to enter the shovel curtain, walking and pondering, and killed many people do not know the black robe old, actually accumulate so many things, light tent house to engage in two. Is indeed a ghost cases, pay attention to enjoy the canopy inside extravagant, silk bed, fur cushion, the scattered everywhere the BRIC ingot pearl agate. Zhang afraid to sit on the fur to remove a bunch of Yu-Jane one by one view. More clearly feel their own ignorance, Yu-Jane internal strength of France, strange, indeed, an eye-opener. In particular, there is a jade Jane, detailed canopy housing and fly ZE spiritual things with the refining and use. Not only tents, carriages, boats and other objects. This fun, pick up to read carefully. Watching Jade, Jane, got up and looked canopy house, a little look at raising his hand as a method tactic hit the curtain, the curtain slight fluctuations, slowly stretching the tight integration with the walls of the tent housing Jingsi no curtain. Also raising his hand tactic hit pinch Road Act Pengding a pearl, pearl instant a dazzling white light, white light along the roof of the tent house, the walls spread to form a light curtain, the entire canopy housing covering. Zhang afraid overjoyed, canopy housing this function? Enchantment, the leakage of the barrier inside atmosphere of spiritual force. Released three stupid dog, distributed Pengding pearl light curtains cover to their own careful exploration outside of the light curtains simply can not be found. Calm down and restore the original shape of the light curtain and emit more than a hundred snakes, one by one teasing play. With these things are true, no longer stuck on the little ones. Play for a while, could not help think of Linsen, do not know what promised to avenge him, I really do not know when to do. East to West would like to daze actually fell asleep, and dreaming. A pair of beautiful, gentle and loving eyes staring at him in a dream, Zhang afraid to feel very warm heart, and very comfortable. Time to wake up the morning afraid to look at the ceiling a daze, reluctant to get up, his eyes,cheap nike air max, why do I need to do this dream? With the canopy house, afraid too lazy to go out. The seized materials have a few low-level evil skin, and he intends to continue refining the character. Elect a jade Jane, carefully learn the spell. In his repair, plus Shenlei the gathered the force of the five spirits, practicing the five elements spells more effective, simple to the extreme, not for a while have learned. A little exercise a few times, took the skin of evil by the power of soul separation cutting, blending stretching, and soon the system out of a whitespace. And then continue to manipulate God, will spell embedded spell, with the flash of white light, refining success. Bow view talismans, Samsung gray and black polyethylene peak operation spells. The materials used in evil skin worse than the top white jade many powerful but only the first order, and it seems the magic power of the spell power, firmer Zhang afraid to study the determination of the powerful spell.

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Attend refining Divine Comedy Gong

Zhang afraid very confused, do not know what to prepare. On this point, the true Heaven out behind the sword, broke and said: The bright white blade flash of lightning, blue silky electrooptic more now more around the blade spinning jump, gradually converged to form a lightning channel index finger thickness. Qi these lightning suddenly flock to the tip, then stabbing at high altitude,Air Max 2012 Men, as thick fingers of lightning from the blade, spread in the air, stretch, spread wider and wider range to reach a limit, back reflection, electro-optical, but there has been no dissipation . At this time, Zhang afraid to already know the true day Shishu what meditation meditation tactics, sharp eyes and keen nose, nose view of the mouth, mouth view of the heart, such as a conservative element Lingtai God,Puma Grit Cat III Cheap, and strive to quiet and calm. Air lightning, was detained in a party area,Mizuno Soccer Shoes, inter-start the intersection of Zila loud, a few back and forth, and finally motivate Trick, just listen to a roar, a lightning fall, accompanied by thunder loud noise of the Lethal fear of side down in sheets. The true Heaven entirely single-handedly caused tenrai, but is completely controlled by the placement can imagine the profound skill. Zhang afraid already begun shaking, the whole body could not stop shaking, but fortunately repair sophisticated many before as before Baotoushucuan as loud wail. Then a lightning fall, fall on his side not far from the ground blasted a giant crater about three meters wide and five meters deep, while the Beverly Hills Cop Ming in the ears, this moment, between heaven and earth made no something else, only the tremendous boom of thunder filled with mind. Zhang afraid shouting fall, the body fight malaria crazy shaking and could not for a long time to stop. Trick Mountain Ledo true Heaven lead to dry mine, actually excited to clouds to rain, then clouds friction, rain thunder sounded, thunder rolling, continuous cry is a full one quarter of an hour, slowly faded. This quarter of an hour, afraid decumbent to fight malaria has been looking pale, foaming at the mouth, not their own. The true Heaven is always floating in the air staring Zhang afraid, cold eyes, but with some poor, with some regret mean. Twelve monks are also on the lobby Zhang afraid hearts sigh, poor, every man of ideas, are for Chang afraid of the sky. Vacuum suddenly saying: Faded thunder, the rain failed to eliminate more than under half an hour, before they agree to grabbing rain clouds closing. Zhang afraid, like the underdog, or can also be a drowned rat, in short, more embarrassed how awkward, how many more poor how miserable the whole body trembling. Slow for a moment,Puma Cattle Years, shaking amplitude began to decrease. Icy words rang true Heaven: control of the hands and feet, and want to support his. True Heaven's voice sounded again: you no longer be bullied? tell me, cried, and told me what you really afraid of? can only die once, your father and mother do not get hurt again, if you are afraid of being bullied, it should strive to practice the others did not dare to bully you, but they were afraid of you! between heaven and earth in addition to yourself, what to be afraid of? shall the appearance of the father and mother you do not remember, why be afraid? before you bully, and now beat you, you afraid of ? Zhang afraid that the brain has a strange idea, time and again surfaced, telling myself, that is to say, in the ...... father and mother did not die? They're not dead? Zhang afraid to finally know what their fear, subconsciously, he never when they are orphans, thinking that parents still just living in a particular do not know. Brush the tears gush directly dripping mud and water, can not tell which is the tears which rain. Zhang afraid to tell myself that I can! His hands to shore up the upper body, efforts to move the legs, let your feet stepped on the earth, and then lift the upper body, the last stand from the rickets in the waist, body shaking slightly. Zhang afraid meditation meditative tactic, once twice three times, and finally stabilized mind, straight waist standing live, although it looked still thin, but eyes full of a firm meaning. True Heaven away tenrai sword fall to the ground, went to Zhang afraid to speak in front of: He heard went on to say: Trick Mountain door exercises, called Trick lack, to the common cast of twelve men, and its main function is the identification of God, and thus control the opponent by manipulating the soul achieve the purpose of annihilation. Trick lack of powerful, the 12 end of Dan master common shot in order to display, it can control the soul, you can tell the truth lies, and search information, there is a function can be separated from God, inside the memory free to peel , worries worried about your memory, fear can be all stripped away, you no longer afraid; However, any Trick missing people search God **, the soul will be damaged, the extent of damage may be very light. may be very serious, no one can guarantee that, regardless of the extent of damage severity, will affect the future practice, and this is what I would like to seek your views on things. of what? There is no martial art to help. Trick Taoist Cultivation martial for thousands of years through numerous battle, in order that still stands. It is ready to contribute, defended not afraid of dying fighting elite, rather than anything to be afraid of the wimp. In comparison, damaged soul but defended not afraid of dying build the base of his disciples, than what are afraid of the Immortal Infant master useful to many. Build the base of the top order to repair, you can coach into the gate. Trick Taoist more experienced are very strict, no waste! Shishu have to ask their views, ask yourself would like to join the gate, or would like to continue to be a wimp. True Heaven and said: So a big way, gathered from the twelve magic for you, because you can be made of talented people. Impaired soul can be made of it? Zhang afraid to secretly smile. If we accept the Trick lack caster, the future can no longer afraid to be normal, but, but, your spirit will go wrong, slow to repair things difficult! In the past, he never care about their own practice, this moment, faced with a choice, actually broke! Vacuum and softly said: Scary? Think about the emotionally leisurely thought, that is what boldness! True heaven for questioning: intend to concentrate on the practice, the coach of the prior relief for some time, and other disciples refining Divine Comedy Dacheng, get rid of the cowardly wrong, then please Shishu the disciples received the column gable, I do not know Shishu quasi-No? mean. True flat face, watching Zhang afraid, seems to look a gift horse heart. Hall 12 monks Wenting Zhang afraid to actually practice refining the Divine Comedy, and practice over a thousand years no one can repair Trick Mountain strange exercises refining Divine Comedy, have to shake their heads. If nothing else, in this life he only Terry can repair for some progress. Attend refining Divine Comedy Gong on a crazy Taoist two hundred years ago,Puma Metal Racing, the legendary disciples, penance three years, the last mad crashed into the cliff Valley, whose whereabouts are still missing. According to his disciples said, in the mountain seen him still alive. Heart also praised Zhang afraid of persistent firm, difficult to know for natures, resulting in some expectations, if he really Make it? Vacuum Taoist asked softly true:

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exciting experience shows no sign of mood

The auction General Assembly has just concluded,MBT UK Sale, the bazaar is closed, no one stall. Vacuum ask Shinichi: say that? nearly two thousand began, but Shishu by his side, in case someone accidentally said the leak what they know ... In order to avoid dark and dreary complications present replied: go back to practice. already find a few to be real wood fantasy really no opinion, vacuum and said: moment to the carriage, long size, exterior appearance, like the carriage, but without the wheels and no horses to pull more like flying rectangular box. Maki several people jumped into the car, vacuum just want to say hello to fear of the car, see the distant shadows over Zhang afraid to say: flying. A false report with the Shishu Looking king seconds. The two meet, Wang seconds would like to thank Zhang afraid to send him to the sword, so he has a chance to win Advanced Dan. But the words did not export, Zhang afraid the first to salute: had Baoquan said: afraid to return to the body car. The car named fly ZE, meaning that flies at high speed, yet so far away. From the outside, like a box did not cover, not too much,puma canada shoes, after entering, we found at least twice as large in area, covered with cushions, very comfortable, asked: Quick fly. This is fast enough makes the fear of surprise, full display Fengshen Wings, also reached to fly ZE less than half speed. The Shishu say just beneath contempt, that the top grade of the how fast? The faster the concept of Zhang afraid more difficult to imagine. Fly ZE Zhang afraid of standing which did not feel abnormal. Valid reason, such a rapid flight, the wind will become extremely strong, stinging eyes, skin, afraid, but feel comfortable, like walk the earth. Vacuum, explains: a. Watch out Prairie, but more than a dozen breathing had already exited the ground grass objects flew over, the eyes do see, however. Head and looking at Castle Peak rocks endless, just think carefully watched the mountains scenery, fly ZE power like flying over the rocks thrown far behind. Zhang afraid to laugh, always a good foundation, and these words it touches on. Vacuum suddenly said: did not dare to trouble. Fly ZE in the past, the mountains stood up and two the headband bronze ghost mask monks, one of humanity: now what? Gong sensor to fine stove seems to contain some kind of Tempo flooring, there is a substantial help in their practice,Puma SF Pace Cat Cheap, so homicides the heart of Indiana, considered quasi Zhang afraid to return to the mountain route, early ambush, did not expect or flutter empty . The person you speak muffled: common! say in the small four presence at the meeting out what baby and asked him a glance. Show stature, of the two people to fly back to the more providers set. ZE fly really fast, less than half a day to fly back to Trick Mountain. The section of track, Zhang afraid to fly their own, at least three days. ZE fly directly to stop Ziguangge really to look at the first thing is to find the true Heaven, Maki true magic with the go. Closing the vacuum take-off ZE, with Zhang afraid, said: Carefully counted next time, down nearly half a year, except for parades around in the mountains, blessed the five spiritual practice, in more quotient set of trance, the other thing did not do anything, this trip traveled in fact there is no color at even some The fighting did not encounter. Fortunately, the presence of five spirit blessed the bring Zhang fear of a new future. Zhang afraid to go back to his hut, his cultivation of the different, easily covering the whole of purple resting conscious detectors found under most the Lianqi top order disciples, had frequented the beasts hole Hongcheng grand; also seven build the base of elementary disciples, including macro member brothers, reckoned several other people and, like him, is also a transfer function disciples. Tigers in the practice of meditation, Zhang afraid that did not bother to pack up the house, playing back some water, cleansing tea, good for a while busy. Until dinnertime, Everest received the power to go out. Zhang afraid was about to go to his disciples to preach the true Heaven long summoned. Zhang afraid busy follow disciple went to Ziguangge lobby. The past few people in the lobby, at the moment filled with thirteen people,Puma Mummy Low, presided over the daily things Ziguangge 13 monks actually all in attendance. 13 monks are the end of Dan master weekdays in addition to the real Heaven,Mens Puma New Board, all in their respective the Dongfu HOS practice, a year rare out a few times, actually Qi gathered, Zhang afraid both surprised and afraid. Into the Church, the implementation of the bow gift, thanks to over a 13, then got up and Dishou standing. True Heaven saying: listen carefully to Heaven really long speech, worry-free hi nothing exciting experience shows no sign of mood swings, answer: strength to speak. you come to ask you, you would like to coach? urgent, call you to another thing, would like to seek your views, however, for advice, I would like to take a look at your repair. The fear is still promised. True Heaven people Zhangshenerqi the line a few steps out of the lobby, and then taken the step, smug l on the day, Lengran: The true Heaven is cold to see him:


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